Stefan Shillito, Managing Director, The Sovereign Cruise Club

“I don’t think they’ve ever put a candidate in front of me who didn’t have the qualities needed to do the job. If BBO send you a candidate you know they’re worth seeing and good for the job. “The really great thing is that, unlike other recruitment companies, they do quality and not quantity. I trust them to fill any role.”

Stefan Shillito is Managing Director of The Sovereign Cruise Club – a company he set up in Grazeley, Berkshire twenty years ago.

The UK’s largest luxury cruise specialists have been working with BBO for the past four years.

“For us it’s really important our team are local”, explains Stefan. “We run a call centre and need people to be able to get here on time to open up the lines. BBO have been great at getting us high quality candidates who meet our requirements. We’ve built a great relationship with them. All I need to do is tell them we have a vacancy and they know what to do. We don’t employ temps and we want people to stay with us for the long term. BBO has been instrumental in making that happen”.

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