Pippa Ingram-Marriott

“I’m in my sixties – so not your average person looking for temping work,” laughs Pippa, “but it suits me. I spent over 25 years working as a receptionist for a variety of companies, but temping is the perfect working life for me now.”

Pippa Ingram-Marriot has been with BBO Recruitment from the start. Hugely popular with the team, she’s often specifically requested by companies. She’s confident, she says, that if the job comes through BBO she’s going to enjoy it.

“BBO put a great deal of effort into matching candidates with suitable positions. I’d never worked for a solicitor before, but yet they knew that it would suit me. They’re so lovely and personable.

They didn’t just look at my CV, they took time to get to know me and I have a wonderful relationship with them now.”When she first started temping Pippa tried a number of different agencies, but found BBO Recruitment was the one she connected with. It’s the only one she uses now. “The office is so warm and welcoming. It’s relaxed and inviting. Katie Morgan (Founder and Director of BBO), despite being incredibly busy, finds the time to talk. She asks about life and wants to know how I am. For her, I’m not just a candidate who is going to bring her money, I’m a person. I really appreciate and respect her for that.” And it seems the feeling is mutual. “Pippa is a real-life Mary Poppins,” says Katie, “she’s someone everyone needs in their life! When we met her we knew she’d be a fantastic person to represent us.

She’s such a lovely, lovely lady, so professional, no dramas – just a really good egg. Still, three years on, she’s requested by companies week after week after week.” “I’d tell anyone looking for work to try BBO and to try them first,” says Pippa. I really feel I’ve found a friend. In their eyes, I’m not just a temp, I’m an individual and because of that, I work as hard for them as they do for me.”

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